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Are productive people happier employees or are happier people more productive? One thing is certain, a workplace’s culture and inter-personal relationships directly correlate to worker satisfaction and productivity. And managers and leaders, intentionally and unintentionally, set the tone.  

Just as a lighthouse is a beacon to guide ships to safe harbors, Lighthouse Professional Development Consulting Services can help leaders navigate obstacles to performance, increase productivity, and achieve their organizational goals. 

Lighthouse was founded by Laurie Mills in 2006. Our focus is on helping successful organizations be more successful, and people who are doing well, do even better. We provide the insight, knowledge and tools so that leaders can be more confident in their roles and decision making, and more effective in the management of their teams.

Lighthouse works with your leaders and managers to build their people skills and transform individual success into organization excellence. Along with higher productivity, organizations with effective leaders and well-functioning teams are better able to retain talented, valued employees. 



  • What is working well today?
  • How can it be better?
  • How can we get there?
  • What are the obstacles?

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R. W., University Administrator

 Our management group is changing the way we collaborate -- a change that Laurie successfully facilitated. Her thoughtful methods guided us into new territory. Change is always a challenge -- and she allowed time for our group to explore ideas and feelings while keeping us on task!  

R. E., Executive Director

 Laurie is simply the best coach I’ve ever worked with.  Her style is both gentle and firm; she listens quietly then gives a clear nudge at critical moments that challenges me to become a stronger leader and a better person. 

D. B., CEO/Entrepreneur

 I worked with Laurie as I was transitioning from one work situation to another. Her direct yet warm approach was exactly what I needed to get clear on my goals and identify the best way to move forward. I think that for Laurie coaching is more than just a job or work - its her true passion and it comes through in the way she works with clients. 

C. R., CEO/Entrepreneur

 I have known Laurie for many years and as a human resources expert, Laurie brings the best to the table. She is one of a kind in her field, caring, dependable, knowledgeable, detail-oriented and very dedicated to her clients.  

R. S., Manager

 Working with Laurie was the single best coaching experience I’ve had in my career. Everyone should get the chance to do it.