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Laurie Mills


Lighthouse Professional Development Consulting Services


Today’s world of work is a sea of constant change – businesses grow and merge, work teams change players, individuals take on new roles or leadership responsibilities. These shifts affect everyone at a personal level; that means they also impact business effectiveness.

Lighthouse provides training, coaching and consulting services to safely guide people through times of transition with the wholehearted belief that the challenges of change offer profound learning opportunities that help us adapt with grace and ease.


Lighthouse uses behavioural assessments tools, facilitated workshops and one-on-one coaching to support critical skills and processes for:

  • Strengthening leadership competencies
  • Hiring the right person for the right job
  • Building cohesive work teams
  • Career development and succession planning

Client services are customized with specific psychometric assessments designed to enhance individual self-awareness and leadership effectiveness as well as supporting workplace performance and staff retention.


Behavioural assessments are powerful tools that increase self-awareness and provide a common language for talking about behavioural differences.


HR Consulting

Lighthouse provides practical resources and professional advice on best practices in human resource management that promote healthy, productive workplaces.


Training Workshops

Lighthouse offers small group learning sessions designed to establish core competencies for managers and build strong, functional work teams.



Programs are designed to stimulate awareness of personal behaviour patterns, support career planning and guide career success


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